4.8 ( 1568 ratings )
게임 엔터테인먼트 가족
개발자: Majic Jungle Software
1.99 USD

From the developer of Chopper, comes something completely different.

Rubber duckies are floating in a pond with beautiful interactive water, rain and snow showers, sunsets, clouds and sounds.

Its a simple zen-like game. Swim all the ducks to matching whirl pools. Kind of similar to the toys where you roll balls into holes. DuckDuckDuck is more fun and pretty, with an ever growing number of ducks - up to thirty, and those cute and beautiful graphics and sounds.

Watch out for the goose.

- Insanely realistic water simulation.
- Clouds drift by with occasional showers of rain or snow.
- Two modes of play - time challenge or just for fun.
- Many options for graphics and game play.
- Multi-touch water interaction.
- Every duck, whirl pool, rain drop, or touch makes ripples in the surface of the water.
- Relaxing ambient sound effects with bird songs, water, wind chimes and rainfall sounds.